• 6/20/2020

    The Steam Summer Demo Festival has started. First, Creeper World 4. I've played several of the previous games in this series. Creeper World is kinda like a tower defense game, except the map is fairly open and there's this water-like alien goo pouring over the map. You need to erect power systems and gun towers to hold the goo at bay and eventually cap the emitters. This latest game is in 3D and is a lot of fun. The controls seem a bit sloppy and the interface is definitely in progress.

  • 07/08/2020

    I've been playing a bunch of Subnautica, which I got on the Steam Summer Sale. You play as a survivor from a space ship that crashed in the ocean of an alien planet. It's an exploration/survival game with light base building. It reminds me of metroidvania. At each step the resources you need are at the limit of for your depth endurance, shadowed in the waters below you. Sharks and eels circle below you as you rush to grab a few resources and then return to the surface. The first time I encountered the squid-thing that guards the Aurora, it really freaked me out. This creature grabs your mini-sub and begins to tear it apart. Ominous noises can be heard, but underwater it's hard to tell where they're coming from.

    I got my jetpack and my mini-sub fairly early and then couldn't find the parts for the Prawn depth exosuit and the Cyclops mobile sub base. I've just gotten them both and am upgrading my Cyclops for ~1000m excursions. I think I have my end-game objectives, but I've not made any progress toward them.